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Bart Dijckmans

Cast Animation

Bart Dijckmans and his co-founder Harm De Gruyter of Cast Animation make short animation movies that contribute to care, health and wellbeing. Bart has a background in healthcare studies and noticed the demand for valuable visual content in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

What gives you satisfaction as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur I feel great satisfaction when there’s a fluent interaction between our team, the client and the target group. Our portfolio speaks for itself and therefore attracts the right clients, but it's also important to continuously try to improve your workflow to eliminate misunderstandings.

If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are living?

What would I change about my life? Not a thing. I have no regrets about anything. I’m happy with what I have done. My most important task in that last year would be to teach my children to take the time to discover themselves, learn who they really are and what they stand for. I don’t want them to ever fall into peer pressure traps or be influenced by things that don’t feel right to them.

What is one of the most remarkable sensory sensations you can remember? Like a food memory, music memory? Or the best sensory memory you have?

Four years ago, my girlfriend and I took our one and a half year old daughter with us on a workaway. We worked on a family farm, picking beans during the daytime. We really worked and lived there as a part of that family. One evening, the son of the house announced to the rest of the family that he and his girlfriend were getting married, so the father brought out a bottle of champagne and we all celebrated. This moment was one of the best experiences I recall to this day. The taste of that champagne, enhanced by the festive moment, the intimate moment that we got to share with those people... It was a wonderful moment in time.

What gives you energy when all things go wrong?

If a day goes badly, I get energy thinking back on previous projects. I won't let one negative feedback ruin my day. I definitely listen to it, because you can always learn from another one’s perspective, but I never doubt myself. Another way I get my good energy back is by listening to music or going for a long bike ride. And of course, when spending time with my family, you can't stay in a bad mood for long.

What is something people should know about you?

I am always open to help other people.


Lange Gasthuisstraat 29-31, 2000 Antwerpen