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Thomas de Ben

Never Forget Tomorrow

Digital creative Thomas De Ben is launching Never Forget Tomorrow: a partner for artists, galleries and companies in exploring web 3.0 possibilities, blockchain applications and nft use cases . Thomas is combining his passion, experience and knowledge of the digital and artistic world in this project.


I enjoy just laughing and hanging out with my friends in a bar. That means drawing and doodling together, as most of my friends are also illustrators. Those absurd drawings and doodles make me very happy. I used to get a lot of energy out of skating too. Skating is a very creative sport, you need to evaluate the surface and space and think about which tricks to perform when. Sometimes you just fail and fall head first, which is freeing in its own way. It feels good to relax and completely forget all worries by skating.

Imagine your house catching fire. Apart from loved ones and pets, what else would you want to save?

Things I need on a daily basis like my external hard disk and laptop, even though I have everything in the cloud… I have some art books, luxury editions, that I would love to save. I wouldn't put my life in jeopardy and run upstairs to get those, but if I saw those books while running out of my burning house, I'd definitely take them with me. I‘d do it more for their emotional value than their financial value. Oh, and the small binder with all the new years’ letters of my godchild Lotte, who is 12 now.

When was the last time you couldn’t stop laughing?

At one of those drawing nights, three weeks ago in Ghent with a befriended artist. We were slightly drunk because we had some beers and a lot of shots already… An older man walked by the window, saw us, entered the bar and sat right next to us. He looked at us, right in the eyes, without saying anything, for 10 seconds straight. Then he said with a steady voice: I’ve peed my pants. My friend and I just couldn’t stop laughing after that. Although we did realize the situation was incredibly sad too...

If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?

When I presented my final work to my school jury, one of the external jury members asked me what my goal was in life... I answered: to buy a Ferrari, airbrush farm horses on it, then make a quirky nude calendar of myself with that Ferrari. So if I know I’m going to die in a year, I will do this first. I even would try to airbrush the Ferrari myself, that will make it even better, because I don't know how to do that at all.

What is something people should know about you?

I used to have a website where people could request songs for me to dance on, in a spandex suit. This website went live for the first time in 2011. And came back to life in the spring of 2020!


Lange Gasthuisstraat 29-31, 2000 Antwerpen